The Growth of Personal Services BusinessPersonal Services BusinessWhat Is Personal Services Business?

The Growth of Personal Services Business

These days, the necessity to earn a living has become for most of us a crucial and yet integral part of our lives.

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Personal Services Business

There is a legislation made that is specific on how personal services income must be taxed.

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What Is Personal Services Business?

It is not strange for a lot of people to dream of building and having their very own businesses.

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Cycle and TRX Instructor PT

I started in the fitness world as a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer and soon moved to cycling and group classes after seeing that individuals were much more motivated to achieve their goals when put in a safe and somewhat competitive environment. With seven years of cycling experience behind him and the new addition of TRX to his coaching portfiolio, Matt approaches each of his classes as if it were the first time. He does not consider himself a teacher or instructor, but rather a coach. The ability to be physically active does not require much teaching, but the ability to achieve goals that my clients once thought unachievable, requires a very focused coaching approach. Along with my certifications, I have also studied in sports psychology and after attending my class, you will soon realize that psychology plays a much larger role than physical ability – the goal is only achieved when the physical and mental bodies are intertwined. He believes that breath initiates every movemeant and that behind every physical action must be an intention for success to be achieved. So lets find our breath, set a goal and haul ass to the finish line…

Catchphrase: “If you do not know why you are here, neither do I”

3 Things Matt cannot live without: iPhone, Sunglasses, a good book

Song I’ll never get sick of on my iPod: Anything Robyn

Cycle and GRAVITY Instructor

Tricia took her first spinning class, ever, in November 2008. She started spinning as a way to ramp up her fitness regime which already included yoga and running. After one very hard class she was hooked! Then Tricia started to work at Get Spun in January 2009 and she became an instructor after being encouraged by Christie. She was certified in 2011 to teach Gravity, which has quickly become her new favorite class! Tricia wants your 45 minute workout to be challenging and fun enough that you will want to come back week after week, day after day!

Certified Cycle Instructor

At the tender age of 25, J.S. sadly noticed his first signs of aging. The high energy levels he required to juggle a 9 to 5 job, a project studio and various musical projects were dwindling. A decade’s worth of rock and roll had taken its toll on his body and he wasn’t about to slow down at such an early age. He needed something to incorporate into his life that would revive his energy levels and he was never a coffee drinker. A friend of his gave him a free week pass to a gym and that is where he took his indoor cycling class. Although he could barely make it through his first class, he was hooked immediately! Indoor cycling combined his two passions in life: fitness and music!

It didn’t take long for him to get certified and start teaching across town. Given his musical background, you can expect to be taken on an eclectic, high intensity musical journey that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready for anything life can throw at you.

Cycle and GRAVITY Instructor

Bio to come

Certified Personal Trainer + TRX + GRAVITY Instructor

Tina is personal trainer from Montreal. She came to join our team in April. Tina comes to us with various certififations and knowledge to help our clients. She is certified from Can-Fit-Pro in Personal Training and Nutrition and Wellness, STOTT PILATES Matwork certified and trained in the other Pilates’ equipment, GymStick, Gravity GTS – Personal Training and PostRehab and Pre and Post Natal from Baby and Me Fitness. Currently, Tina is doing a course in Applied Soma Training which takes the osteopathic view of the body in learning Myofacial stretching, ELDOA’s to Strapping for proper biomechanical functioning. Tina is a huge believer in the Mind-Body-Spirit aspect of fitness.

Top 3 things Tina can’t live without:
My phone – it’s my life without it my vital signs crash!
A good nights rest – if not, clients will surely pay! Lol!
Working out – I might bounce through a roof if I don’t move my body

Song I’ll never get sick of on my iPod: My Feelings For You by Avicci & Sebastien Drums

Cycle, TRX instructor and PT

My two great passions are travel and physical fitness. One compliments the other as the healthier and stronger we are, the more adventure we can handle! It only made sense to become a fitness professional after realizing that it was impossible for me to sit still. With over four years of experience teaching indoor cycling classes, it remains a preferred method of training as it is not only challenging physically, but requires mental focus and intensity. Each class can be a journey in which, pushing your own limits, you can experience that adventure.

As a certified CanFitPro Personal Trainer Specialist and TRX instructor, I have seen how effective a combination of cardio and strength training is and I’m enthusiastic with the transformations I have seen at Getspun! I truly believe that ‘Change begets change!’

3 things Magz cannot live without: #1 The sun, #2 Coffee, #3 A pen

Song I never get sick of on my IPod: Hollywood meets Bollywood , Wyclef Jean ft Chamillionaire and Aadesh Shrivastava

Cycle, GRAVITY and TRX Instructor

Scott is a passionate, caring, and creative Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. Certified in multiple fitness disciplines, he believes one of the key elements to results-oriented fitness is variety. His routines and classes are always changing and evolving in order to keep participants strong, interested, and motivated.

3 things Scott cannot live without: My Bike; Music; Chocolate

Song I never get sick of on my iPod: Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap

Cycle Instructor, Personal Trainer and Triathlon Coach

Having a passion for health and fitness has always been a part of Andrea’s lifestyle. Her love for sport has evolved from running 5 km races, to completing many triathlon races in Ontario. Her passion is Ironman distance triathlons. To date Andrea has gone on to complete 6 Half Ironman races, and 2 Full Ironman races.

Andrea holds her certifications in Personal Training, Spin Instructor, Group Power, CPR/First Aid, and is a NCCP Community Triathlon Coach.

Certified Personal Trainer and TRX Instructor

Chase was born and raised in Toronto and graduated with an advanced college diploma in Fitness and Lifestyle Management from George Brown College in 2008. Upon graduation Chase worked as a Personal Trainer at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club and specializes in dynamic and functional training as well as strength, size and conditioning. In 2010 Chase won the 2010 Fitness Star Model Competition in Athletic Body Building.

Chase’s training style reflects his genuine and charismatic personality and is sure to push and motive your body past your limits to reach your fitness goals.

TRX/Personal Training/Nutrition for Fitness

Chris Cecile is a certified CPTN Personal Trainer, GRAVITY, Bosu and TRX Instructor and has a background in sport conditioning. He has worked with novice to elite athletes (provincial and Olympic level) in sports such as sailing, tennis, basketball, running, martial arts, squash, skiing, wrestling and hockey. His training background is based on the Twist Sport Conditioning curriculum focusing on sport balance, agility and strength. Chris is a first degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is currently training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). In the game of life, everyone is an athlete! There are no limits to what you can do!

Certified Yoga Instructor

Melissa first discovered yoga in 2004. Yoga introduced her to an active, healthy lifestyle and gave her the confidence to pursue other athletic endeavours. The challenging and therapeutic aspects of yoga, as well as the perspective and discipline required to practice, make it Melissa’s lifelong commitment. Melissa’s classes have a fun, passionate energy that encourages students to open themselves to push their limits.

Top 3 things Melissa can’t live without: My kitchen, bright sunny days, cute rubber soled shoes!

Song I’ll never get sick of on my iPod: “I Crave Paris” – Aeroplane vs Friendly Fires vs Flight Facilities

Certified Yoga Instructor

I found yoga in 2006 when I took my first class to loosen up a stiff body. That experience ended up being much more than that. I felt lighter, happier, more calm and began to practice regularly. Through its consistent practice I felt a calling to get a deeper understanding of it. This calling led me to India to study hatha yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Institute. As I’ve continued to connect with yoga my curiosity brought me to the ashtanga practice, of which I’ve had the opportunity to study with some of its most renowned teachers- including Paul Dallaghan, certified by Ashtanga Yoga Guru Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and Sri O.P. Tiwari, one of the few remaining gurus of pranayama today. I’m truly thankful for the teachings that have been passed down, and I continue to learn every day from my teachers in Toronto as well as from the people that surround me.

It’s my sincere passion to pay forward what I’ve learned, to those who are ready to grow with the practice of yoga. Classes offered take place in safe supportive environments conducive for individual learning. Yoga is whole and inclusive. Classes offered are accessible to all regardless of financial concern or personal limitation.


Cycle and TRX Instructor PT I started in the fitness world as a Can-Fit Pro certified personal trainer and soon moved to cycling and group classes after seeing that individuals […]

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